Gigax (b. 1994, CH), lives in Zurich,



2016/19           BA Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK), Zurich, CH

2018/19           Exchange semester, Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA), Beirut, LBN

2017/18           Artistic cooperation in Chambarak and in Chisinau, ARM + MDA

                           As a feminist activist (from in Tunis for Tim Zulaufs Theater conception, TUN

                           Organization of the ACT Performance Festival in Zurich, CH

2015/16           Nine months Social Work Experience 100%, Special school Meilen, CH

2010/15           Graduation with Swiss Federal Maturity, State Art Gymnasium Liceo Artistico, Zurich,CH

Groupe Exhibitions

2020                    Katinka Land, Object, Kunsthalle Zurich, CH

                             Creature Cave, Installation, Jupiterstrasse 1, Zurich, CH

2019                    How was Beirut? Like there is no such thing as stability, a city sculpture, Plattenstrasse 4, Zurich, CH

                              Play With The Stuff I Give You, interactive sculpture, Bachelor exhibition, ZHDK, CH

                              Das fahrende Molusken Schloss, sculpture, Exhibition “Subversum“, Planet 5, Zurich, CH

                              Die Frau die hinunter zur See ging, Installation, Exhibition "FREI RAUM", Rämistrasse 30, Zurich, CH

2018                    In Youre Eyes Lies My Adress, Object, Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (Alba), Beirut, LBN

                              If you Like Me Take Me With You/I Want To Honor Youre Fights, Public Objects, Chambarak, ARM

                              L‘anatra che usciva dal camino, fake Exhibition, Ponte Tresa sulla Terrazza, Ticino, CH

                              Artefakte, Installation, Exhibition “Lamush“ ZHDK, CH

                              Creatures All Over The City, Grafiti Performance, Perfomance Festival ACT, Zurich, CH

                              Swallow Thickness, Installation, Exhibition “Metamethodik“, Khora, Zurich, CH

2017                    Where the Magic is, Installation, ZHDK, CH

2015                    Poesie Album, Multi Media Installation, Exhibition "Eigensinnige Projeke“, Dienstgebäude Zurich, CH

2014                    Traumstation, Mixed media room Installation, Solo Exhibition, Seestrasse 170, Kilchberg, CH

2013                    Period Girl, Collage, Liceo artistico, Zurich, CH



2017                   Does Privilege Instantly Creates Hierarchy, Performance, Center Oberlith, Chisinau, MDA

                            Love Me, Performance, Performance festival ACT, Merian Gärten, Basel, CH

                            Romantic Porn, Performance, Performance Festival ACT, ZHDK, CH

2016                   I Want To Verbaly Penetrate You, Lecture Performance, ZHDK, CH

© by Gigax