GIGAX (b.1994) lives and works as an artist in Zurich, Switzerland. BFA 2019 Zurich University of Arts.

Gigax's drawings feature a cast of fantastic beasts, monsters and hybrid creatures. They are rendered in charcoal, colored chalk, on cardboard or in ink on paper. Gigax draws from its own emotional life to create unique worlds full of whimsical creatures that express the surreal and familiar, the waggish and monstrous, and the chaotic and poetic. Gigax thus addresses the blurred relationship between the real and the subconscious.

"Monsters are a fabulous category: neither human nor animal, neither man nor woman, neither real nor visible, and yet everyone has them in their minds."

Gigax's work visualizes a colorful universe of wild monster utopias being influenced by post feminism and art historical representation of beings.