Play With The Stuff I Give You

interactive sculpture, porcelain gaze, quarz sand, wood, box,shelf
2019, Bachelor Diploma Show, Zurich University of the Arts, CH,

What are we playing with which toy?
What values flow into a design of a toy, and where do these industrys come from?

Who decides how a: woman/man/Indian/Knight/House/Tent/Horse/Car/Fence/Zoo/Ufo looks like or even exist as a toy.
Which symbolic interpretation do psychologsit see in how "we" play our games?
For example when a white boy plays"killing the Indians" or "plays war" is it not interesting that Sandgames Psychologist still rate thatas anormal male behavior?
Where do the usual game character come from(geographically) in the sandboxtheory?
How does a game change, when people play with toys which do not bring a story/symbolism/value system with them?