How was Beirut? A city sculpture

Atelier Show, 2019

0.9x0.64m, Mixed Media, glas jars, feders, orange, drawings, textiles

Even the rich have been bombed, the little ones on the streets are afraid to cross the roads and if it rains, you can die..shitty streets...shitty cars..accidents, that's it. If you are a construction worker, you can just fall of the building, there is no security anyway. Security never existed and never will, houndreds of checkpoins, maybe this time they won't let you through. High towers, where the rich live with their maids, under fluttering materials the poor. Nothing ist repaired, only provisionally, a wind blows and everything can fall, fly away. Monsters on the floor and time travel circels with numbers on it, black holes that suck you in. No money is safe, the collection of asour feeling let me build this landscape a half year after i lived for 7 months in Beirut. Exactly when the revolution started