University of the Arts, 2018

1.20x1.90m, Porcelaine, Quary Sand, Audio, Wooden Pallets








































A "world" created out of fake artifacts to prove the existence of a creature population. The Audio is a poem about how the non visibel creatures/ihabitants of this "world" reproduce them selfs: "A Creature with a trunk gives Birth to Eggs (Avocado Stones) and then a Creature with a flesh slit squirts over the Egg and fertilize it like this." This work is very much inspired from Donna Haraways tex: "Staying with the Trouble", Anna Tsings text "The Mushroom at the End of the World", Octavia E.Butlers text "Kindred" and Walter Benjamins understanding of time and history. The (avocado) stones in it self has "Fadenfische"/new life inside of it, and symbolizes a possibility for new live in a contaminated area. Which does not matter because time and history is just an "andecdote molecule."